Warpage Test of Brick - Warping of Bricks Meaning

This post contains warpage test of brick standard test procedure with lab test result and requirements as per IS Code. Also, you can read about warping of bricks meaning and some relevant questions-answers at last.

Warpage Test of Brick and Warping of Bricks Meaning

Warpage test is used to know the uniformity and flatness of bricks. It involves measuring the deviation in thickness of a brick from a perfectly flat surface of measuring wedge.
If a brick has excessive warpage, it may not fit properly with other bricks during construction and it will cause to aesthetic or structural issues. So, bricks with high levels of warpage may be rejected and not used in construction.

Warpage Test of Brick - Warping of Bricks Meaning

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Warping of Bricks Meaning

Warping of bricks refers to the deformation of bricks from their original shape or flatness due to various reasons such as temperature changes, moisture absorption, improper manufacturing process or inadequate storage conditions. When bricks warp, they become distorted or bent which can affect their ability to fit together tightly and evenly during construction.

Standard Procedure For Warpage Test of Brick

The procedure given below is as per IS:3495 Part-4. Here we can find concave warpage of brick and convex warpage of bricks. See the procedure below.

Indian Standard Used in Warpage Test of Brick

These are the Indian Standard use to determine warpage test of brick:
  • IS: 5454 - 1978 [Method for Sampling of Clay Bricks]
  • IS: 3495 (Part 4) - 1992 [Method of Test of Burnt Clay Building Bricks]
  • IS: 2691 - 1988 [Specification for Burnt Clay Facing Bricks]

General Requirements For Warpage Test

The following requirements are necessary for warpage test of brick:
  • The dimensions of the bricks shall be measured to the nearest 1 mm.
  • All apparatus and testing equipment shall be calibrated at frequent intervals.
  • The number of specimens for the test shall be selected as per IS: 5454 - 1978.

Brick Sampling For Warpage Test-civilengicon

Apparatus Required in Warpage Test of Brick 

  1. Measuring Wedge [As discussed below]
  2. A flat surface made up of steel or glass [300 mm x 300 mm, plane to 0.02 mm]

Measuring Wedge:

A steel rule graduated from one end in 0.5 mm divisions. Alternatively, a steel measuring wedge 60 mm in length, 15 mm in width and 15 mm in thickness at one end and tapered, starting at a line 15 mm from one end to zero thickness at the other end. The wedge shall be graduated in 0’5 mm divisions and numbered to show the thickness of the wedge between the base AB and the slope AC. 

Formula Used in Warpage Test

No formula is there to calculate warpage test of bricks. 

Preconditioning For Warpage Test

Step 1: Remove all dirt or dust which is adhreshing to the surface of the brick specimens.

Procedure of Warpage Test of Brick

There are two types of warpage found in brick are given following:

A. For Concave Warpage:

Step 2: Place the flat surface (made up of steel or glass) along the surface to be measured selecting the location that gives the greatest departure from straightness. Then measure the greatest distance of the brick surface from the edge of straightness by a steel rule or measuring wedge.

B. For Convex Warpage:

Step 3: Place the brick on the flat surface (made up of steel or glass) with the convex surface in contact with the flat surface. Measure the distance from that surface to the four corners of the test brick, and take the maximum of four measurements. 

Result For Warpage Test

Result for warpage test of brick is the greatest distance of the brick surface from the edge of straightness in case of concave warpage and also it is the maximum of four measurements taken from the convex surface in contact with the flat surface  in case of convex warpage. 

Warpage Test of Brick Report

Warpage test of brick is reported as the highest distance measured in concave case or convex case.
Warpage (mm)= ......

Requirements for Warpage Test of Brick

As per IS: 2691 - 1988 [Specification for Burnt Clay Facing Bricks], The brick test (warpage test of brick) accordance with the procedure as per IS: 3495 (Part 4)- 1992, After measuring in concave and convex warpage of brick, the warpage shall not exceed 2.5 mm.


What are the Causes of  Brick Warpage?

One of the main causes of warpage is uneven cooling or heating of a material during manufacturing. This can lead to thermal stress which causes the material to deform or bend. Warpage can also occur due to mechanical stress which is caused by external forces such as bending or twisting.

What is Warpage Testing?

Warpage testing is the measurement of highest distance in concave case or convex case by using measuring wedge.


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