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Update: April 28, 2023

What is Difference Between RCC and PCC?

The main difference between RCC and PCC is the use of steel bars. The steel bars are used systematically inside RCC structures but steel bar is not used  inside PCC structures (see the image below). 
RCC stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete and PCC stands for Plain Cement Concrete. Since, concrete is very good in compressive strength but it is very weak in tensile strength or flextural strength. That means, concrete can bear high compression load but it will break when it is subjected to a very low tensile load. To improve the tensile strength of concrete, the reinforcement bars are provided in a systematic way.  

Difference Between RCC and PCC

Difference Between RCC and PCC:

RCC and PCC are two different types of concrete used in construction industries. RCC stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete and PCC stands for Plain Cement Concrete. The main difference between the two is the presence of reinforcement bars in the concrete.

RCC consists of a mixture of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, water and steel reinforcement bars (sometimes admixture also used).  But PCC consists of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and water with or without admixture.

RCC is stronger than PCC because the steel reinforcement provides additional tensile strength to the rcc concrete structure. PCC cannot bear high tensile strength.

RCC suitable for structures that are subjected to heavy loads or stresses such as normal buildings, high-rise buildings, towers, bridges and dams etc. PCC is suitable for low-stress applications such as roads, base of footings, sidewalks and driveways etc.

In RCC and PCC, generally PCC is cheaper than RCC because it requires fewer materials and almost un-skilled labor to construct the structure. But, RCC is more expensive due to the additional cost of steel reinforcement bars and also needs skilled labors to construct the reinforced structure.

The construction process for PCC is relatively simple and straightforward as the mixture is poured, compacted and allowed for curing. RCC requires more specialized labor and equipment to construct the reinforcement and ensure that the concrete is poured and compacted properly and then it is cured properly. 

Overall, the RCC is more stronger than the PCC due to presence of steel in the concrete structure.

Comparison Between RCC and PCC:

The comparison between rcc and pcc is give below (table):

Characteristics Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)
Availability of Steel in PPC and RCCSteel reinforcement bars are used Steel reinforcement bars are not used
Compressive Strength Strong against compression load Strong against compression load
Tensile/Flextural StrengthStrong against flextural strength Weak against flextural strength
Material Used Cement, Coarse Aggregate, Fine Aggregate, Water (admixture may be applied) and systematically arranged steel bars  Cement, Coarse Aggregate, Fine Aggregate and Water (admixture may be applied)
Construction Requires specialized labor and equipment Simple and straight-forward construction process
Applications Normal buildings to high-rise buildings, bridges, towers and dams etc Low-stress applications such as roads, base of footings, sidewalks and driveways etc
Cost More expensive due to the use of steel Cheaper than RCC
Need Skill Skilled labors, special equipment, engineers are needed  It can be done by general labors

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