Types of Wall Finishes For Your New Home

Hello friends! In this blog post we can see the types of wall finishes for your modern home. Read in detail blog post about types of wall finishes and their needs, see below images for reference.

Types of Wall Finishes For Your New Home

Types of wall finishes for modern homes are textured wall finishes, tile wall finishes, cladding finishes, laminate wall finish, mirror wall finish, wood paneling wall finish, marble powder wall finish, wallpaper finish, 3D wall painting and finishes.

Types of Wall Finishes For Your New Home

What Are Wall Finishes?

Wall finishes are the final coating or final layer of material which is applied to cover the surface of the wall. The wall finishing can enhances the look of the wall and feel of the space. There are many types of wall finishes and each having its own particular aesthetically appearance and benefits. The final wall coating is selected based on desired aesthetic and functionality of the space. The final coating also acts as the protective layer to the wall.

Needs of Wall Finishes

Wall finishes are the final touch that transforms your walls from useful to beautiful. Wall finishing can protect walls from scratches, water damage and dents. Wall finishes can reflect a tone of your room.

Types of Wall Finishes

The following wall finishes are popular among the people. Each type of finishes having its own look, feel and benefits.
  • Textured Wall Finishes
  • Tile Wall Finishes
  • Cladding Wall Finish
  • Laminate Wall Finish
  • Wallpaper Finish
  • Mirror Wall Finish
  • Wood Paneling Wall Finish
  • Marble Powder Wall Finish
  • 3D Wall Painting Finishes

Textured Wall Finishes

Textured wall finishes are the most common type of wall finish. It gives a minimal look to the wall with the variety of design and textures. The types of finishes provided by plasters are smooth cast finish, roughcast finish, sand faced finish and scraped finish. It can be achieved using a variety of materials such as plaster, stucco or paint. 

Types of Wall Finishes For Your Modern Home- Textured Wall Finishes
The textured paints are the most popular option applied to the wall surface for creating a dramatic look. There are many wall paint textures available, you can choose as per your desire and requirements.

Tile Wall Finishes

The tile wall finishes are one of the easiest and popular finishing type with unlimited design. Mainly it is used in kitchen and bathrooms but now a days it is used in exterior design, living room and some special walls. Verities of tiles finishes are matte finish, glossy finish, unglazed finish and glazed finish, textured finish. The wall tiles specifications are different from the floor tiles.

Tile Wall Finishes

Cladding Wall Finish

Cladding is a different wall finishing that involves installing an external layer or cover to the walls. This type of wall finish is commonly used for unique aesthetic purpose. Cladding is made from brick, stone, wood, metal, and some other composite materials for walls. It can improve the energy efficiency of a building by providing additional insulation.

Types of Wall Finishes For Your New Home- Cladding Wall Finishes

Laminate Wall Finishes

The laminate wall finishes are popular for corporate buildings but it can also be installed in residential buildings. Laminates have greater aesthetic appeal in terms of styles and patterns and it is also expansive. This finishes are durable, easy to maintain and can be used is verity of spaces. 

Laminate Wall Finishes - Types of Wall Finishes For Your New Home

Wallpaper Finish

Wallpaper is a decorative vinyl material comes in various colours, patterns and texture. It is used to cover the wall and also enhance the overall look of the wall. It is a cost-effective and convenient material which is used from old days.

Types of Wall Finishes-Wallpaper Wall Finishes

Mirror Wall Finish

Mirror wall finish refers to the installation of mirror panels on the wall surface. It can create the illusion of a larger space, also makes spaces look bright and luxurious at the same time. There are several variants to choose from- frosted, satin glass  (also known as privacy glass), translucent, patterned glass, tinted glass, reflective glass among others etc.

Mirror Wall Finish-Types of Wall Finishes For Your New Home

Wood Paneling Wall Finish

The woodwork is the evergreen mural finish that has not been out of date for decades. The fact that there are so many types of wood to explore in relation to their flexible versatility prevents people from getting tired of them. Wood is still a significant building material for contemporary and traditional design.

Wood Paneling Wall Finish

Marble Powder Wall Finish

The marble powder wall finish is extremely luxurious, smooth and beautiful. It looks like a marble floor covering and is made by mixing marble powder mortar, white cement and water.

3D Wall Painting Finishes

Artistic touches can be added to dull walls with 3D wall paintings. 3D paintings not only decorate the wall but also stylize it, with visually captivating designs. Also, you have the option to pick a design that tells your story, a family portrait, or a special moment painted on your walls.

3D Wall Finish - 3D Wall Painting

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