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Dear visitors! In this blog post we are going to know top 10 water tank brands in India as per market needs and product specifications. Since we all know that now a days its essential to store water for multi-purposes in households as well as industries. 

Top 10 Water Tank Brands in India- Trending

Top 10 Water Tank Brands in India - 2024 are Sintex Water Tank, Plasto Water Tank, Supreme Water Tank , Aqua Tech Water Tank, Ashirvad Water Tank, Penguin Water Tank, Vectusl Water Tank, National Plastics Water Tank, Storewel Water Tank, and Ocean Water Tank. You can choose the best as per product specifications, price and availability in your market. These water tanks brands are popular in market based on their different parameters. Except these brands there are also some latest brands which are popular among the public. Choose the best suitable water tank which comes in your budget and fulfills the requirements.  

Top 10 Water Tank Brands in India - 2023

Top 10 Water Tank Brands in India

Top 10 water tank brands are listed below based on product specification, manufacturing and supply, market capital, utility, availability and cost of product. This list may vary person to person based on choice and requirements. Except these brands people also can buy other brands if that is suitable.
  1. Sintex Water Tank
  2. Plasto Water Tank
  3. Supreme Water Tank
  4. Aqua Tech Water Tank
  5. Ashirvad Water Tank
  6. Penguin Water Tank
  7. Vectusl Water Tank
  8. National Plastics Water Tank
  9. Storewel Water Tank
  10. Ocean Water Tank
Note: This ranking may change as per public desire and market requirements basted on sells, price and specifications. Let's discuss some points about these brands and their products.

Sintex Water Tank

Sintex is the brand to introduce water tanks in India. This company focused on the textile industry and started a textile mill in Kalol, Gujrat. Later in 1975. This company was rebranded as Sintex Industries Limited. Sintex emerged in 2017 with its textile business under Sintex Industries Limited while the plastics and prefab side became Sintex Plastics Technology Limited. Sintex creates products that are simple, low on maintenance and long-lasting.

Plasto Water Tank

RC Plasto has been a leading industry in the plastic products fabrication. Plasto has been awarded as an innovative and high-growing company by FT High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2020 (see the company website).
Plasto offer one of the largest selections of water storage tanks, ptmt, pipes, plumbing solutions and fittings, agriculture fittings, bathroom fittings, UPVC and CPVC. This company is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Plasto water tank having high-quality products.

Supreme Water Tank

Supreme water tanks are one of the biggest leaders in the Indian plastic industries. It was founded in 1942 and they have covered a wide range of plastic products over time. Regarding water tanks, the company provides products used in moulded furniture, protective packaging, material handling, composite plastic, XF films, pipes and petrochemicals. 
Supreme offers various options for water tanks with different capacities, durability and budgets. The Supreme brand has been the benchmark of quality in the Indian plastic market.

Ashirvad Water Tank

Ashirvad is a well-known brand which is considered rough and tough in plastic manufacturing industries especially products related to water management. Ashirvad water tanks are often recommended for residential and industrial areas to meet the bulk storage requirement for certain liquids such as water or chemicals.
Ashirvad brand has made its name in the international market since 1998. The company always aims to provide products that are sustainable, convenient and cost-effective for the people. Although water tanks usually have no water filtration technology, Ashirvad focused on providing such a tank that can reflect heat, kill bacteria and keep water fresh. Most of the company's products pass the international testing standard of JIS Z 2801, ensuring that there is little or no bacteria.

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