Types of Concrete -Characteristics

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Update: August 16, 2023

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture of cementitious material, coarse aggregates, fine aggregate and water with or without additives. It is the second most used substance of the world after water and it is most widely used building material. The density of cementitious concrete is generally 2.4 g/cm³ or 2400 kg/m³.

Types of Concrete And Characteristics of Concrete

See the below list of concrete with their characteristics. Each type of concrete is useful for the particular application to achieve desired structure.

Types of Concrete And Characteristics of Concrete

  1. Normal Strength Concrete (Basic Materials used in it like Cement, Aggregates and Water)
  2. Plain or Ordinary Concrete (Without Reinforcement)
  3. Reinforced Concrete (Reinforcement is used for Tensile Strength)
  4. Prestressed Concrete (bars or Tendons is stressed before application of Service load)
  5. Precast Concrete (Structural Elements are made in Factory)
  6. Light-Weight Concrete (Density less than 1920 kg/m3)
  7. High-Density Concrete (Density Range from 3000 kg/mto 4000 kg/m3)
  8. Air Entrained Concrete (3% to 6% Air is intentionally entrained in Concrete)
  9. Ready Mix Concrete/RMC (Concrete is Mixed and Batched at Mixing/Batching Plant)
  10. Polymer Concrete (Polymer bounds with Aggregates instead of Cement)
  11. Polymer Cement Concrete 
  12. Polymer Impregnated Concrete 
  13. High-Strength Concrete (Strength is greater than 40 N/mm2)
  14. High-Performance Concrete (It Conforms to a Particular Standard or Particular Performance)
  15. Self-Consolidated Concrete (When placed, it will be compacted by its own weight)
  16. Shotcrete Concrete (Shooting is carried out in a Higher Air Pressure by a Nozzle)
  17. Pervious Concrete (Concrete allows water to pass through it)
  18. Vacuum Concrete (Excess Water is Removed by Vacuum Pump)
  19. Pumped Concrete (Adequate Workability so that it is Easily Conveyed/Pumped through the Pipe)
  20. Stamped Concrete (Architectural Concrete where Realistic Patterns can be obtained)
  21. Limecrete (Cement is Replaced by Lime)
  22. Asphalt Concrete (It is the mixture of Aggregates and Asphatlt)
  23. Roller Compacted Concrete (It is compacted by Earth-Moving Machines like Roller)
  24. Rapid Strength Concrete (It acquires strength within few hours) 
  25. Glass Concrete (Recycled Glass is used as Aggregates)


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